Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

Seize all the opportunities!

CRM: “Customer Relationship Management”, tools and especially methods to transform your contacts into business opportunities. It’s the sales accelerator.

Centered on a real customer database, CRM tools make it possible to multiply the effect of marketing actions, such as:

  • Reminder of opportunities (nothing is forgotten)
  • Management of vendor calendars
  • Risk / opportunity management of each sale
  • Review of marketing / sales operations (why it worked / why it didn’t)
  • Management of “ad hoc” projects

In short, with a CRM you offer the necessary leverage to any sales force (multiplier effect).

In addition, a CRM is a gateway to the world of business management tools (ERP).

Finally: a CRM is generally integrated with your existing IT tools, in particular if you have “customized” applications.


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