Batch invoicing

Batch invoicing:
Optimize billing

Do you need a lot of time to bill your customers?
Do your customers have contracts that contain specific sales / purchase conditions?

There is a simple way to save a lot of time in customer billing: proceed by batch!

This makes it possible to bill all customers in one process, once each month or according to your needs.



  • You charge your customers by clicking a button. It’s 100 times faster than doing it individually.
  • You can define which customers are billed.
  • Better cash management
  • Possibility to adapt the printouts on several supports (invoices, BVR, communication) thanks to Print_+


Traditionally, this type of process was reserved for large companies because its implementation was expensive. But this is no longer true today.

We have SME customers who use this type of process to increase their profitability every month.