Solutions for distributors

How to improve margins as a distributor?

The problem:

You are distributors and must solve the following equation:

Sales price – Buying price – Cost of operations = Net margin

The selling price is set by the market, the purchase price is set by the conditions of purchase from your suppliers.

The solution:

The cost of the operations depends only on you. That’s where we come in. Let’s work together to optimize the cost of your operations.

How? It’s very simple: one single manipulation with your management system generates several real actions. That’s what saves you time. That’s what lowers the cost of your operations.

This optimization does not depend on your suppliers or selling prices on the market. It’s up to you.

Examples of processes already optimized for distributors:

  • Divide by four the time needed to write an offer.
  • Batch billing: bill in one click all your customers!
  • Generate purchase orders based on your sales.
  • Generate production orders based on your sales.
  • View the real margins of all your projects / construction sites at the click of a mouse and in real time.
  • Optimize the level of your inventory in real time.
  • Multi-modal sales: call-center, shops, internet
  • Multi-Modal Sales Integration – Shipping Center

These are some of the streams we have already automated for distributors in the following areas:

  • Construction materials
  • Electrical components
  • Food
  • Office equipment

A few years ago, this type of solution was reserved for very large companies, but today SMEs can also industrialize their operations at a very competitive cost. The return on investment can be calculated before implementing this type of solution.

Interested? Then no more a minute to lose!