Solutions for construction work

Construction material dealers: how to resist competition with the level of operating costs in Switzerland?
It’s very simple: make better use of your resources.

Today construction works must face the following challenges:

  • Multiplication of products references
  • Tough competition on prices
  • Regulations are more severe than ever
  • Low-cost competition comes from long distances

How to make profitable projects in such an environment?


At SaPolaris, we believe that there is a huge opportunity in construction work projects today: TIME!

With proper integration of the latest ERP systems in your daily operations, you save a lot of time every day, every hour.

This is what SaPolaris offers: a time-saving system, based on standard software, but adapted to your unique, specific environment.


Some examples of time-saving projects:

  • Materials resellers solutions
  • Construction project follow-up in the energy field
  • Administrative optimisation for billing
  • Optimisation of the offer – sales process