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WEB 2.0: Social networks for companies

When we talk about WEB 2.0 for companies, immediately the following questions occur:

  • How to spread adequate information?
  • Who will get access to it?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What does it bring?
  • ... Is it worth?

There are 2 answers to those questions:

A) Corporations should propose content in social networks now.

B) How to do it? Well it depends on ... you and your environment!

This why SaPolaris proposes a practical WEB 2.0 approach dedicated to companies:

  • Make a WEB 2.0 assessment in the context of the company: define the right WEB 2.0 project, with the right size
  • Define a pilote project, "all included".
  • Put in place the first publications and news on targeted social networks
  • Measure the feed-back
  • Decide to "make" or "buy" the community manager service.

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