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Risk and opportunity are the two faces of change.

When it's time to change, very often we believe that this will be a risky operation, the pain is obvious, the gains are an abstract notion.

This is especially true for big changes, and even worse for those that must be achieved quickly. If we add to it some technological change and human resources that are not used to change, then we have all the ingredients for a high-stress project situation, with short-term decisions and long-term consequences.

And we cannot avoid change, because the world changes! So how to proceed?

Sapolaris transforms change into an opportunity. How?

  • People at Sapolaris have experienced (technological) changes for more than 20 years, in areas such as: distribution, industry, pharma.
  • This experience allows to discover the opportunities that justify a change project and to size it.
  • We cut a change project into smaller parts that are easier to achieve so that a change project that looked not manageable becomes workable.

Furthermore, with Sapolaris, change becomes an attitude, something normal.

For example:

So with Sapolaris you benefit from the experience of very big consulting companies, but also for very small projects. Typically, we proceed like this:

1) Introductory study: Deliverables: what direction we should take, a budget calculation and the most suitable tools

2) The project: Let's work together to reach your objectives. We do not simply say what should be done, but we DO it along with our customers and partners.

3) After the project: We organize the maintenance and the evolution of the processes and the systems in a way that allows them to adapt to future changes.

Things can be seen from different point of views!

Interested? Contact us and let's talk about the future.