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Organized projects in a changing world!

From time to time, any company has to adapt to a changing business environment. This change takes the form of a project.

A project changes the way things are done in the company or brings new processus.


And also:

  • Stock re-organisation (optimisation)
  • Picking optimisation
  • Lead-time reduction
  • Security level change
  • Documents workflows
  • Goods and documents security and identification

Such a project makes a company do more, better. But it also has requirements:

  • Human ressource: to define and put in place the new project, extra ressources are generally a must, for a defined duration
  • Domains expertise: these ressources must already have done the same kind of projects
  • Independance from suppliers: this ensures that the project is going in the direction YOU need to go, and not in the favorite direction of some suppliers!
  • Synchronisation: all participants to the project must be synchronised in a good way, accordingly to their experties (IT infrastructure, IT applications, security, supply-chain, production, administration, etc.) This is best done by people with a lot of change management experience.

Once the project is delivered, we go back to normal operations mode, with more productity.

How to assume this extra-load and that expertise: simply contact us, we will find the best way for a hassle-free project.

Our people relized hundreds of enterprise projects, since 1991, in french, english or german.

The extra ressources of the project are furnished by Sapolaris. (in blue). After the project, the operations cost less than before (profits in green).

We will be delighted to discuss this during a meeting where we would find an already-realized project that is very close to yours!

Let's build confidence in the future together!

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