SaPolaris -> ERP -> ERP

2 questions:

  • Do you want to make a change in your ERP system?
  • Your core business is NOT related to ERP changes?

If the two answers to these questions are "YES", then contact us for your next ERP change project ... Why?

An update of the integrated management tools (ERP) is the unique opportunity to accelerate your processes and improve your efficiency. This allows you to stay in an interesting position in the market. But...

An ERP project is a very special activity and to undertake it without being accompanied by an independent specialist ensures you to meet the same problems as someone who undertakes the construction of a house without the support of an architect:

  • deadlines are rarely met
  • prices are often out of control
  • the definition of the project evolves in a "sliding" mode, which adds complexity to the operation
  • employees in your company do not see the goal to achieve (especially if it evolves)
  • the project has a significant impact on the day-to-day operations of your business
  • the "normal" events of the project are surprises for the uninitiated

It's as if you were doing the "moonwalker" in the project: it's possible to walk backwards, but it's slow, expensive and risky.

So how do you do it?

Here is the approach:

  • Define with you the starting point and the objective
  • Find the best solution on the market among the many offers available
  • Project sizing
  • Execute the project while the employees perform their regular tasks, as usual
  • Find with you the best process-technology mix that keeps you unique in the market
  • Deliver a new credible ERP environment without a "crisis" of change.

Working with Sapolaris means making sure you anticipate risks and identify opportunities for your project.

So you realize a change of ERP in the best possible conditions, while remaining focused on the essentials: your business.

Save time and arrange an appointment to talk about yourself and discuss any of the projects already done since 1991 ...

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