SaPolaris -> ERP -> Digital acceleration

"For two years now we have been trying to choose a new ERP for the company"

"We have received many offers, but how to choose?"

"In the meantime our needs have changed, so how?"

Digital transformation ....

Digital Transformation revolves around projects that change the way things work. This requires decisions that are not always easy to make.

We can then witness periods of stagnation, during which nothing moves.

Meanwhile, the environment is changing, and the processes that normally worked well are getting older and no longer fit the current situation.

How to avoid these waiting times? The answer is simple: working with Sapolaris for its digital transformation, as a permanent process.

Indeed, 30 years of experience in digital transformation allows a consultant to:

  • Recognize the risks and opportunities that arise from the choices you make
  • Transform a complex reality into a simple and comprehensive description that everyone can understand
  • To say frankly things, as only an external can do it
  • Communicate with IT solution providers in an unbiased and honest way
  • All of this saves a lot of time, especially when important decisions need to be made, such as:
    • Should we change management software packages (ERP)?
    • Should we evolve our existing system?
    • Should the project be done internally, and if so, by whom?
    • Should we subcontract all or part of the project?

    Do not stay stuck one more day in your digital transformation. Contact us and talk about the future!

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